Applying and Removing Wall Decal Quotes

Applying and Removing Wall Decal Quotes

One of the latest trends in decorating walls is the use of artistic and creative wall quotes. With their help family values, interesting quotations, appropriate and inspirational thoughts can be added to the wall decor of any room, read more info about  wall decors at The wall quotes are easy to remove, as they are made of vinyl.

Application of vinyl wall quotes:

  • Flatten out the quotes if they came in a rolled condition by putting them on the floor and using some hardbound books without having any bumpy covers.
  • There will be either a white paper or a transparent tape covering the front of the decal and a white paper cover at the back. Use a squeegee and rub it on the covering tape to make sure that the words stick to it.
  • Clean and dry the surface of the wall by wiping the surface with a cloth.Applying and Removing Wall Decal Quotes
  • Make a design of the phrases and words by arranging them in the way you want them to be. Fix the upper corners of each word or phrase to the wall with masking tape. To align the words properly, you can use a ruler.Your can read the difference between decals and stickers by clicking here
  • Put a masking tape along the full length of the words and flip it up using the tape as the hinge. Peel off the white paper at the back and carefully let them down taking care that there are no wrinkles.
  • Rub the squeegee over the decal to attach the letters to the wall properly. Peel the masking tape slowly towards the wall to remove it. If a letter lifts off the wall, then rub the area some more and then go on peeling. Repeat the final two steps for each more info about wall vinyl wall decorating at

Do not apply the decal to any wall which got painted recently. The walls should be completely dry and clean before the vinyl can adhere to them. Allow for three weeks to pass for a wall with fresh paint on it to dry before sticking the decals on it.

Removing the wall quotes:

  • Use tweezers or fingernails to tug at the upper corners of each word. Pull the vinyl downwards gently to remove it.
  • Spread some mayonnaise over the decal and let it remain on the decal for a few minutes and then

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Applying And Removing Wall Decals

Applying And Removing Wall Decals…

Decals are great additions to any wall whether you are at an office or an apartment home or school dorm. You can put any kinds of decorations such as wall quotes and such that will bring inspiration to your room.

Here are some tips on how to add or remove wall quotes:

  1. Most vinyl made quotes for wall decals come rolled just like wallpapers, posters and such. The first thing you do is flatten them with any heavy material.
  2. These decal quotes also mostly have double sided tapes that you just have to peel the back of to stick to your wall. A squeegee helps in attaching it firmly after tape removal.
  3. Use a clean piece of cloth to wipe dry the wall first.
  4. Start adding, sticking and arranging your letters and words depending on what you want to come out of it. Use a ruler or get help from someone from a distance to check if everything is aligned.
  5. To finalize, tape the word on one side, carefully peel the tape cover and then flatten it out against the wall for final sticking.
  6. Finalize with the squeegee in pressing the words toward the wall and peeling back the cover over it and make sure none of the word parts come along. Make sure to repeat steps if they do not come off nicely.

Do not apply these wall quotes if you have walls that are newly painted or if you have walls that are often moist because they will not stick due to the amount of moisture in it. for more details, click on :

Applying And Removing Wall Decals

If you are now tired of your wall quotes, here are ways to remove quickly them without damaging and still recycling them for future use:

  1. Go with a downward motion after you pull off each of the corners of the word, letter or phrase and pull carefully to avoid ripping it off accidentally.
  2. Use mayonnaise on a wall decal that has been there for quite some time and cannot be removed. The mayonnaise helps in the attempt to make the glue softer so you can easily peel it off without damaging the decals.
  3. You might also want to try a blow dryer when it comes to removing wall decals from wood surfaces because it also helps in an attempt to melt the glue so that you can quickly remove it.

A word of

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How to Decorate Using Vinyl Decals

How to Decorate Using Vinyl Decals…

Decorating a space can be a challenging task meant for a professional. With the endless amount of decor and art to choose from, vinyl decals are a great way to enhance an area. They are easy to apply and remove without a trace or damage to the wall, making desired changes in the future a convenient option. Whether it’s a small dorm room, a nursery, or the common room shared by many in the workplace, decals come in a large variety of designs that can work in any space.

A significant benefit to decorating with vinyl decals is that they are easy to install. Many decals are ordered online and shipped with easy to read installation instructions, a sample decal, and a tool to help apply and smooth the sticker onto the wall. A sample is better because some surfaces and paints might not allow the decal to adhere as well as others. If you wish to go for a different look, vinyl decals can easily be removed by peeling, causing no damage to the surface thus leaving a fresh start for a new one.

How to Decorate Using Vinyl Decals

Another great use for decals comes in handy when you wish to change it. For example, a nursery might have bright colors or themes that appeal to a young child. However, as the child gets older, they can change the decals to match their interests such as sports or animals. Decorating a shared dorm room at college is convenient because you can personalize your small space and can remove the sticker after moving out.for related information, click on :

Many companies use decals for their logo on the windows. They also use them for other temporary needs such as sales or seasonal decorations that can be displayed beautifully in festive designs. It gives an inviting environment for shared space among co-workers.

The options for decal designs are endless. There are simple shapes, inspirational quotes, animals, trees, boats, landscapes, intricate designs and much more. The sizes available vary just as much. A small seahorse in a beach themed bathroom, a world map covering an office wall or a personalized masterpiece in the dorm is just a few of the creative options you have with decals.

The ease of applying and removing along with the need to change up the decoration make decals an excellent choice. With the variety of designs to choose from, turning a …

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